Board Level Annotation Options

Now reading version 18.1. For the latest, read: Board Level Annotation Options for version 21

Two variations of the Board Level Annotation Options dialog     Two variations of the Board Level Annotation Options dialog


The Board Level Annotation Options dialog provides controls to further customize annotation using either predefined or custom naming schemes.

For more information about annotation, refer to the Annotating the Components page.


The dialog is accessed from the schematic editor by clicking the Annotate Options button in the Board Level Annotate dialog


Name Scheme

  • Naming Scheme - use the drop-down to select a predefined naming scheme or define your own naming scheme using valid keywords. You can select any combination of valid keywords in any order and any non-alphanumeric characters to separate keywords. Choose from the keywords tabulated below:




Name of the associated Room as determined by the style chosen in the Room Name Options.


Component Logical Designator prefix (e.g., U for U1).


Component Logical Designator index (e.g., 1 for U1).


Logical Sheet Symbol Designator.


Index you have specified to distinguish between different channels.


Channel Index expressed as an alpha character. This format is useful only if your design contains less than 26 channels in total, or if you are using a hierarchical designator format.


Designator assigned to the Sheet Symbol.


The Sheet Number assigned to the Sheet. If Compiled Sheets have been annotated, this information will be used.


The Document Number specified in Document Options.


User defined index. You can specify the order, Start Index and/or a suffix in the Global Index Options for each schematic document. Global Index is calculated for all non-designated components. If you add new components after you have performed a board level annotation, these components will be annotated with a new Global Index and the existing components will retain their Global Index. 

The following options and controls will vary depending on the document being annotated.

Global Index Options

  • Order of Processing - use the drop-down to define the processing order desired. The graphical representation will dynamically change according to your selection:
    • Up Then Across
    • Down Then Across
    • Across Then Up
    • Across Then Down 
  • Process Location of - use the drop-down to select the type of information to process, e.g., Designator.
  • Schematic Sheets To Annotate - a list of the schematic sheets. Click on a column heading to sort the list by that subject. Listed information includes: 
    • Schematic Sheet - the name of the schematic sheet.
    • Channel Name - the name of the channel.
    • Order - the order in which the listed item will be annotated.
  • Designator Index Control - enable the checkbox to enable designator index control of the listed schematic sheet.
    • Start Index - click in this column and use the up/down arrow keys to select the start index. You can also enter the desired index number.
  • Add Suffix - enter the desired suffix.

Right-click Menu

The right-click menu in the bottom grid area includes the following commands:

  • Enable Designator Index Control - select to check all Designator Index Control checkboxes.
  • Disable Designator Index Control - select to uncheck all Designator Index Control checkboxes.
  • Order Alphabetically - select to sort the listed schematic sheets alphabetically.
  • Order by Project Order - select to sort the listed schematic sheets by project order.

Room Name Options

  • Room Naming Style - use the drop-down to select the style when naming rooms.
  • Level Separator for Paths - enter the level separator for paths.


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