Convert to Managed Project

Now reading version 18.1. For the latest, read: Convert to Managed Project for version 19.0

The Convert to managed project dialogThe Convert to managed project dialog

The Convert to managed project dialogThe Convert to managed project dialog


The Convert to managed project dialog is used to convert a standard, non-managed project into a Managed Project, which is then stored in a repository connected to a server. The advantage of storing your design as a managed project is that you get the benefits of managing the design files under version control without needing to engage in the version control process. You can easily access, open, edit, and save project documents in a transparent way - with modified files being checked in whenever you run the Save Managed Project command. 


To access this dialog, right-click on a project in the Projects panel that has not yet been added to version control then select Convert to Managed Project from the context menu.

The Convert to Managed Project command is only available if the installation of Altium Designer is currently signed in to a server.


Simple Mode

  • Project Name - the name of the project.
  • Description - enter the desired description of the project.
  • Advanced / Simple- click to access the Advanced/Simple version of the dialog.

Advanced Mode

  • Repository - use the drop-down to select the desired repository. The drop-down includes all repositories currently connected to a server. To add additional repositories, click  to open the Data Management - Design Repositories page of the Preferences dialog.
  • Repository Path - the Path field is read-only and shows the path to the selected repository. The field on the right is the name of the folder that will be created in which the managed project will be stored. It defaults to the same name as the project. Enter a new name if desired.
  • Working Copy Path - this is a read-only field that displays the current location of the working copy.
  • Server Folder - the name of the server folder where the managed project will reside. Enter the desired name or click  to open a dialog in which you can choose the desired server folder.
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