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Project Packager Wizard

Created: March 18, 2016 | Updated: June 19, 2017

The Project Packager Wizard simplifies the task of managing large file sets in an Altium Designer project by gathering and packaging source files, libraries, reports, data sheets, manufacturing files, etc., into a portable ZIP file. The Project Packager Wizard is useful when your project must be moved from one site to another, backing up your project for secure storage, packaging a complete Altium Designer project tree (ideal for linked PCB + FPGA + Embedded projects), or packaging a complete Altium Designer workspace.

While using the Project Packager Wizard, the settings allow you to manage how directory paths are handled during packaging, manage how files outside the project folder are handled during packaging, include/exclude generated files such as reports in the project package, and include/exclude history files (created by Altium Designer's built-in file history/restore system).

Accessing the Project Packager Wizard

The Wizard is launched using one of the following methods:

  • Select Project » Project Packager from the main menus.
  • Type C, P in the design editor workspace.

Wizard Navigation

  • Click Cancel to cancel the project packaging and close the Project Packager Wizard.
  • Click Back to navigate to the previous screen.
  • Click Next to navigate to the next screen.
Clicking Next on the Select Files to Include page also will start the package process and create the output file.
  • Click Finish to close the Project Packager Wizard after packaging is complete. 

Select Projects for Packaging

Use the Select Projects to Include page to select the projects to be included in the package. Options include:

  • Package focused project (Project name) - use the currently focused project.
  • Package focused project tree, starting from the focused project (Project name) - use the currently focused project tree.
  • Package workspace - use the current workspace.

Setting Packaging Options

The Zip File Options page is used to name the packaged zip file and specify the path. The settings also allow you to indicate if you want to include generated files in the package, as well as history and EDIF files.

  • Zip File Name - use the  button to open the Zip Archive File dialog and name/select the desired Zip file.
  • Directories in Zip File  
    • Use relative path to file drive - select to use the relative path
    • Use relative paths to common parent directory of all files packaged - select to use the relative paths to the common parent directory of all the packaged files.
  • Generated Files 
    • Include (only if on the same drive as the owner project) - select to include all generated files that are on the same drive as the owner project.
    • Do not include - select to include no generated files.
  • Files on Different Drive 
    • Include a plain copy of the file in a project sub-directory (The project is NOT modified to reference the copied files) - select to include a plain copy of the file in a project sub-directory for files on a different drive.
    • Do not include - select to include no files that reside on a different drive.
  • Additional Items to Include 
    • Output folder and all sub-folders (same drive as the project) - select to include output folders as well as any of their sub-folders that are on the same drive as the project.
    • History files (only if not using global repository) -select to include history files providing they do not reside in a global repository.
    • EDIF Files - select to include Electronic Design Interchange Format (EDIF) files.
    • All files in project directories (excluding output and history folders) - select to include all the files in the project directories, excluding output and history files. Output and history files are selected using the above options.

Select Files to be Packaged

The Select Files to Include page 

  • Package - enable/check the Package box to include the listed file in the package. Disable/uncheck the box to exclude the listed file from the package.
  • File Name - the name of the listed file.
  • Path in Zip File - the path of the file in the created Zip file. The path depends upon the options that were set on the previous page (Zip File Options).

Package Completion

The Packaging Complete page appears once the project(s) has been packaged (by clicking Next on the previous page (Select Files to Include). 

  • Packaging Complete - states the path where the packaged file is located.
  • Packaged Files - a list of all the files included in the package.
  • Finish - click to close the Project Packager Wizard after packaging is complete. 
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