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Batch State Change

Created: 18.05.2016 | Updated: 16.06.2017

The Batch State Change dialog.


The Batch State Change dialog allows designers to change the Lifecycle state of multiple items at once in a single batch process.


From the Vaults panel, select the required items, right-click, and select Operations » Change State from the context menu.


The main area of the Batch State Change dialog contains a table with information about the selected items designated to be updated in the batch process. Clicking on the link for an item under the Next State column makes a drop-down menu available, from which designers can select an alternate Next State option.

This dialog also contains a right-click menu with the following options (note that the Add/Remove controls are available both in the right-click menu and as buttons in the lower-left of the dialog):

  • Load Link:
    • Load Children - Select this option to load Lifecycle State information from an item's children into that item.
    • Load Parents - Select this option to load Lifecycle State information from an item's parents into that item.
  • Add - Select this option/click this button to open the Choose Item dialog and select an additional item(s) to add to the Batch State Change dialog.
  • Remove - Select this option/click this button to remove selected items from the Batch State Change dialog.
  • Validate transitions - Select this option to validate the status of all items in the Batch State Change dialog. If an item fails validation, the reason why will be listed under the Status column in the table.
  • Columns - Select or deselect column options to set which item information is displayed in the dialog's table.
  • Process - Click this button to change the Lifecycle State of all the listed items in the dialog. A confirmation dialog will appear; enter a comment if required (this is stored as part of the Item History) and then click Yes to complete the batch Lifecycle state change.
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