Altium Designer

Your Unified Electronics Design Environment

At its centre: The industry’s only unified model of the design data with which everyone on a design team interacts. With this approach, synchronizing data between domains is effortless and risk free.

  • Develop next generation designs using efficient, flexible and reliable front end design tools.

  • Create PCBs of any complexity, using Altium’s leading board design environment.

  • Tap into the advantages available with FPGA devices using a vendor-independent system level approach.

  • Build portable functionality focused application code with full featured Embedded software compilers and debuggers.

Altium Vault


Getting your product to market is a process that is so much more than simply designing a board, and involves so many more people than just designers. Altium Vaults unify your organization's components, ECAD data, and environments from inside the Altium Designer interface for your whole organization so you are able to get your product to market faster, without sacrificing integrity.

  • Manage all aspects of your organization’s approved components and supply chain data in one central, shared location.

  • Maintain version history and release managed copies of all your templates, reference, current and completed designs.

  • Manage entire design projects to enable collaboration on a single board and across multiple domains.

  • Efficiently manage license and network infrastructure to ensure a consistent workflow.

Altium Subscription

Keeping up-to-date with the latest design technology

Altium Subscription gives our users that competitive edge by connecting them to the latest design technology available. Delivered through a continuous stream of updates, new features, enhancements, design-ready content and expert technical support, are designed to improve our customers design environment and allow them to focus on innovation.

  • Immediate access to Altium Designer updates

  • Design-ready content

  • Supply Chain Connectivity

  • Exclusive & Priority Technical Support

  • Access to BugCrunch and Ideas

Altium NanoBoards

Rapidly prototype designs from your desktop

Altium's NanoBoards are unique, reconfigurable hardware platforms that harness the power of reprogrammable devices to allow interactive, vendor-independent implementation and deployment of your electronics designs.

  • Quickly develop, test, and demonstrate design ideas in real life situations using real life hardware.

  • Get instant connectivity, NanoBoard and Altium Designer can implement internet connectivity with a few mouse clicks.

  • Easily and graphically construct FPGA based embedded systems with Altium Designer.


Embedded software development tools

World-renowned for superior compiler technology, Altium’s TASKING tools have been used for over 25 years by developers and the world’s leading organizations to meet the demands of specialized embedded software development.


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