BOM Management

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BOM Management
ActiveBOM enables direct supply chain communication from suppliers

Always Know the Best Component Availability, Cost, and Source

Actively view your BOM cost while designing ensuring cost effectiveness and availability based on desired production quantity. Altium Designer® has access to the online databases of hundreds of global suppliers with component parameters from Octopart® and IHS Markit®, so you always have the latest price and availability. You can even see the manufacturer's lifecycle data to make informed part choices.

Alternative part choices allow you to always have a manufacturable design

Alternative Part Choices for BOM Contingency Planning

Volatility and uncertainty in part availability increase the risk of schedule and cost setbacks for your design. ActiveBOM allows you to add alternative part choices to components to have a proactive contingency plan for any unforeseen part issues. Plus, you can easily replace components in the schematic with alternative components in one click.

The ActiveBOM UI in Altium Designer and error report

Automated Verification Ensures Error Free BOMs

ActiveBOM runs a comprehensive set of verification checks with each design update to automatically verify your specifications, find duplicate parameters and designators, part choices without suppliers, out-of-date components, and much more. Line Items violations and details display directly on your BOM for easy identification and resolution. You can even set the priority and severity of any error!

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Key Capabilities

The ActiveBOM UI in Altium Designer and fast replace components - icon

Replace Project Components in Seconds

Did you find a more suitable component by specification, price, stock or other criteria? With ActiveBOM, you don't need to change it directly in the schematic. Replace the component in the BOM document, and it will automatically propagate across your project.

The ActiveBOM UI in Altium Designer and the cost of components and the device

Painless Component and Total BOM Cost Calculation

Component cost is one of the most critical elements of any design. ActiveBOM calculates your project's cost for all components with appropriate price breaks for order quantity. Rank your supplier choices and set target prices for components, and you can be sure that you have the most cost effective and up-to-date data provided by your suppliers.

The ActiveBOM UI in Altium Designer and selecting suppliers from a large list - icon

Sourcing Information Directly From The World’s Leading Suppliers

ActiveBOM uses Octopart and IHS Markit to connect to more than a hundred of proven suppliers worldwide, including Digi-key, Mouser, Arrow, and many others. You can choose a supplier with the best price, a convenient location, or the one you trust the most.

The ActiveBOM UI in Altium Designer and the assignment of their your supplier - icon

Add Suppliers That Provide Custom Parts or Purchasing Terms

Do you have a specific component in your project that is not in the supplier database? Or maybe you have your proven supplier with a custom sourcing agreement. ActiveBOM allows you to add your suppliers as a primary or secondary solution.

The ActiveBOM UI in Altium Designer and different kind of data display - icon

See Only The Information You Want With Customizable BOM Views

When viewing a BOM, it is essential to see and analyze the required information needed for specific situations. ActiveBOM® allows you to visualize BOM data in the form you need. Flat, Base, and Consolidated Views together with defined groupings by component parameters are available. You can also define custom BOM views based on the specific needs of your company or industry.

Always up-to-date components in your project - icon

Avoid End of Life Parts and Other Lifecycle Pitfalls

Have you ever designed in a component which is not recommended for new designs or is potentially already scheduled for obsolesce? ActiveBOM presents the manufacturers lifecycle data to you on a real time basis. This data comes directly from Octopart and IHS Markit, and is presented to you upfront as you add components to the design. Never again have issues with your procurement team bringing you bad news after the design is complete.

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