Real-Time BOM Management
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Easily manage components, suppliers,
and sourcing data right in Altium Designer

Stay Ahead of the Supply Chain


Always Know Your Part Availability, Cost, and Sources

View your BOM cost and part availability all in one place. Altium Designer connects you to hundreds of global suppliers with data from Octopart® and IHS Markit® so you’ll always have the latest price, availability, and lifecycle information.


Plan for Uncertainty with Alternative Part Choices

Keep your project on schedule and always have a backup plan for manufacturing by adding alternative part choices in your ActiveBOM. You can easily replace parts in your schematic with alternative selections in a single click.


Produce Error Free Boms with Automated Verification

ActiveBOM runs a comprehensive set of checks to automatically verify your specifications, find duplicate parameters and designators, identify parts without suppliers, and much more. Issues are displayed directly on your BOM for easy identification and resolution, with the ability to set the priority level for any problems.

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Real-Time BOM Management with ActiveBOM benefits background

Key Capabilities

 Replace Project Components in Seconds

Replace Parts in Seconds

Save time replacing parts in your design by doing it all from your ActiveBOM. Update part choices in your BOM document, and those changes are automatically updated across your entire project from schematic to layout.

Painless Component Cost Calculation

Understand Your BOM Cost Instantly

Automatically calculate the cost of your project’s components with price breaks for order quantity. With the most up-to-date data provided by your preferred suppliers, it’s easy to rank supplier choices and set target prices for parts.

Sourcing Information Directly From Suppliers

Source From the World’s Leading Suppliers

Get parts from your preferred suppliers based on price, location, or availability. ActiveBOM uses Octopart and IHS Markit to connect to more than a hundred proven suppliers worldwide including Digi-key, Mouser, Arrow, and many others.

Custom Supplier Connections

Add Your Own Suppliers

Get your hands on specific components that aren’t in our database, or work with a trusted supplier that you have a sourcing agreement with. ActiveBOM allows you to add your own suppliers as a primary or secondary sourcing option.

Customizible BOM Views

Customize What You See in Your BOM

Visualize your BOM data however you want, whether that’s in a flat, base, or consolidated view with defined groupings by component parameters. You can also create custom BOM views based on the specific needs of your company or industry.

Manufacturer Component Lifecycle

Avoid End of Life Parts and Lifecycle Issues

Never place a component in your design that is planned for obsolescence with real-time lifecycle data from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. ActiveBOM delivers lifecycle data from Octopart and IHS Markit right in Altium Designer, so you can make the best part choices as you design.


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