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Design, validate, and verify even the most advanced schematics without leaving your design environment

SPICE Simulation Made Simple

Measure Board Performance Without Interrupting Design Flow

Measure Board Performance without Interrupting Design Flow

Easily measure board functionality and performance without leaving your design environment. Altium Designer provides a comprehensive suite of analysis tools that cover circuit performance, signal integrity, and DC power systems.

Easily perform circuit simulations and test your ideas as you create your design. Altium Designer supports analog PSpice, LTspice, and xSpice in digital formats.

Quickly set up and run simulations

Quickly Set Up and Run Simulations

Spend less time preparing simulations and more time analyzing results. Run simulations directly from your schematics, and eliminate the need to test your design by moving from one EDA application to another.

Altium Designer uses an advanced algorithm for mathematical calculations and a guided setup that reduces simulation times. You can even reuse simulation parameters after design changes for quicker analysis.

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SPICE Simulation Made Simple

Key Capabilities

Perform all the essentials of circuit analysis

Perform Any Essential Circuit Analysis

Verify circuit functionality before designing with a full-featured SPICE simulation engine in Altium Designer. You can get a reliable indication of operating behaviors in a variety of conditions by automatically sweeping your circuit parameters.

Simulate component tolerances

Simulate Component Tolerances

Get a clear understanding of how your device will perform in any situation within component tolerances. Run simulations with wide parameter ranges and see how they affect the performance of your device.

One place for all of your simulation needs

Design and Simulate in a Single Environment

Stay focused on your design and simulate at any stage without leaving your PCB tool. A single dashboard allows you to control and manage every detail of your simulation setup and analysis.

See simulation results in all their detail

See Every Detail of Your Simulation Results

View a signal and its behavior over time with a visual representation of your simulation results. Overlay different plots, change what data is displayed, and adjust the display scale all in one place.

Get ready-to-use components with SPICE models

Get Ready-to-use Components with SPICE Models

Altium Designer includes all of the essential simulation models and components you’ll need to assess ideas at the beginning of your project. Once your schematic is defined you can quickly replace generic parts with components from your library.