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The Import Wizard in Altium Designer converts your CADSTAR projects to Altium’s file format in minutes.

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The migration process converts your CADSTAR symbols and footprints into Altium’s library format.

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The Import Wizard helps you minimize cleanup in your converted schematics and PCB layouts.

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Once you’ve converted your projects, you can instantly start updating your designs and using your parts in Altium Designer.


Switching from Zuken CADSTAR to
Altium Designer in 3 Simple Steps:


Prepare Your

Ensure data is saved in CADSTAR file formats (*.CSA, *.CPA, and *.LIB)


Convert Designs


Use the Import Wizard in Altium Designer to convert to Altium’s file format

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You can start updating your converted files and reuse your CADSTAR libraries in new Altium Designer projects

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Step-By-Step Guide to Migrate from CADSTAR

Our technical documentation shows how to access and use the Import Wizard to convert CADSTAR design files into Altium Designer’s file format.

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Altium offers on-demand and instructor-led training programs so that you’re able to quickly and efficiently master PCB design with Altium Designer.

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All subscription levels include easy access to real-time support, the AltiumLive Community, comprehensive product documentation, training videos, and a knowledge base of targeted solutions for common user experiences.


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Altium's online technical documentation is an expansive set of resources that helps you find the information you need. Whether you’re looking for a high-level overview or need precise information regarding the functionality of a specific UI element, the documentation center and knowledge base has you covered.


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Altium Academy is an online learning platform for PCB designers and engineers of every skill level. Learn directly from professionals and industry experts who provide instruction on many topics, including basic PCB design principles, advanced engineering topics, and everything in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which CADSTAR files are needed for migration?

Users only need their .CSA and .CPA files to migrate from CADSTAR to Altium Designer. To convert models and components, .LIB files are also needed.

How much rework is needed after importing?

The amount of rework varies with each project, but the Import Wizard in Altium Designer was engineered to minimize any required cleanup. After running the Import Wizard, make sure to view the migration log and review the converted design for any required changes.

Can we go back and forth between using Altium Designer and CADSTAR?

After converting your files to the Altium Designer file format, your original files will still be available and can be accessed in CADSTAR.

Can we import existing parts libraries?

Yes, all CADSTAR parts and component libraries can be converted into Altium’s library format.

How long does it take to convert a project to Altium Designer?

It takes just a few minutes for the Import Wizard to complete the conversion process. As with any importer, it is advisable to review the converted files to ensure no cleanup is needed. Make sure layer assignments are correctly mapped between the CADSTAR .CPA file and the new Altium PCB to help reduce cleanup.

What happens to CADSTAR-specific features?

Some features in CADSTAR files may not translate as expected. Therefore, it is essential to review specific features before finalizing your converted files. Please refer to our technical documentation and migration guide to see what features should be reviewed and if any cleanup is required. The overall cleanup process is short and can usually be completed in a few minutes for smaller projects.

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