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The following regions are specific to a PCB document (and a PCB library document as noted) on the Home tab.


The Routing region includes commands related to routing the PCB, for example, Route and Connections


The Place region includes commands to place PCB and PCB library-specific objects, such as pads, vias, fills, and keepouts.


The Dimension region includes commands to place dimensions on the PCB and PCB library. 


The Pour region includes commands related to polygon pours.

Design Rules

The Design Rules region includes commands related to design rules, for example, to run a DRC, access the PCB Rules And Violations panel, and open the PCB Rules and Constraints Editor dialog. 


PCB Editor

The Board region includes commands to configure the board shape, open the Layer Stack Manager, place a drill table, and open the Board mode of the Inspector panel, among others.   

PCB Library Editor

The Options command of the Board region opens the Library Options mode of the Inspector panel.

Grids and Units

The Grids and Units region includes commands for configuring the snap grid and measurement units of the PCB and PCB library.

PCB editor
PCB editor

PCB Library editor
PCB Library editor


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