View Tab

The following commands are specific to a PCB or PCB library document on the View tab.

  • The Fusion 360 CoDesigner button opens the Fusion 360 CoDesigner panel.
  • PCB opens the PCB panel. This command is not available in the PCB Library editor.
  • Filter opens the PCB Filter or PCBLIB Filter panel.
  • The Rules and Violations command (also accessible on the Home tab) is used to open the PCB Rules And Violations panel, which allows easy browsing of the enabled design rules and violations in the current board layout design space.
  • View Configuration opens the View Configuration panel.
  • The View region includes commands to change the view of the board, for example, to switch from 2D to 3D and to flip the board.
If you find an issue, select the text/image and pressCtrl + Enterto send us your feedback.