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Created: 06.11.2018 | Updated: 04.12.2018
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The Columns Setup dialog
The Columns Setup dialog


This dialog allows you to control which columns are available in the tables for the PCB List or PCBLIB List panel.


This dialog can be accessed from the PCB List or PCBLIB List panel by right-clicking, then selecting Choose Columns from the context menu.


Available Columns

  • Attribute - Displays available object attributes shown in the PCB List or PCBLIB List panel.
  • Display Mode - Click to open the drop down and select a display mode for the attribute: Automatic, Show, or Hide. In Automatic mode, an attribute column will be automatically displayed if it is common to all design objects currently displayed in the panel. Selecting Show allows you to force the display of the attribute, or it can be hidden completely (Hide).
  • Show All Attributes - Enable this option to show all possible attributes.

The Available Columns section of the panel also includes a short right-click menu which allows you to decided how the Attribute column is populated:

  • Edit Selected - Select to edit the selected attribute's Display Mode.
  • Show All Attributes - Select this option to show all possible attributes.
  • Show Enabled Primitive Attributes - Select this option to show only attributes with enabled primitives in the active workspace.
  • Advanced - From the Advanced drop-down, select specific attributes to display (Class Type, Layer, Object Kind, Width, etc). The Hide All Attributes option can also be selected, which will clear the Attribute column.

Visible Columns

Displays which columns are currently displayed in the List panel.

  • Up/Down - Use these buttons to move attribute columns up or down in the list order.

Additional Control

  • Default - click to set all column settings to the system defaults.
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