Video Transcript
Datasheets are an integral part of
product development.

With a datasheet required for each
component, hundreds of documents
can accumulate quickly.

You can manage the documents
independently, but then you risk
working with disjointed design data.

Now you can store and link datasheets
directly to release components with
Altium Vault.

Maintain all of your design data assets
in a single location for easy access.

With all your component data stored in
a secure and centralized location, you
won’t have to worry about finding
design assets ever again.

Altium Vault provides effortless
management of your datasheets, giving
rise to increased design speed and
improved data integrity.

Managed Datasheets

Keep all of your component assets centralized and secured in one location in your Altium Vault. Store and link datasheets for every component for easy access and reference.