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Solve Complex
High-Speed Design Tasks


Improve Signal Timing

Altium Designer will let you easily evaluate the impact of design decisions on overall signal performance. Our powerful routing length tuning tools allow you to effortlessly align groups of high-speed transmission lines at any time. Additionally, management and control tools ensure optimal results.


Reduce Signal Noise

When routing high-speed signals, problems can arise from layer stackup design, signal noise, EMI, and reflections. The highly intuitive Altium Designer layer stack manager and routing engine is built to handle these issues, so you can easily optimize routing for single transmission lines and differential pairs to avoid crosstalk and electromagnetic interference.


Maintain Signal Integrity

When routing high-speed PCBs, designers must identify and address signal integrity issues throughout their design. Critical tasks such as PCB structure design, material selection, and impedance calculations can be performed right within Altium Designer, without the need for complex formulas and external software.

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Key Capabilities


Advanced PCB Stackup Management

Define impedance profiles, surface roughness, etch factor, causal dielectric models, Back Drilling, and HDI structures to improve signal integrity


Predictable Transmission Lines

High-end field solver enables impedance, capacitance, and inductance calculations to help you manage propagation delay of practically any transmission line structure.


Design Rules

Configure parameters and criteria for signal alignment, Back Drilling, length/time delay, and Return Path checking, then view and navigate to any violations directly on the PCB.


Signal Topology Management

Easily create signal path scheduling with support of Fly-By, T-branch, and custom user-defined typologies with xSignals.


Best-in-Class Routing

Maintain trace and signal quality with interactive routing options for every situation to reduce noise, reflections, EMI, and crosstalk.


Powerful Tuning Engine

Maximize your board space utilization and ensure spacing with Accordion, Trombone, or Sawtooth tuning patterns with a dynamic tuning sleeve.