True 3D Circuit Design

Explore a new world of possibilities

3D-MID technology combines electrical circuits with three-dimensional mechanical parts. This fusion of functionality opens up a world of possibilities within a vast range of application areas, and is now supported for the first time with new 3D layout technology in Altium Designer.

Design 3D Layouts In
Altium Designer

Seamlessly integrate non-planar electronic designs into your Altium Designer projects

Seamlessly Integrate Non-planar Electronic Designs into Your Altium Designer Projects

A 3D PCB document fits into your Altium Designer project structure just like a standard PCB document.

Synchronise schematic documents and library footprints with your 3D circuit design

Synchronise Schematic Documents and Library Footprints with Your 3D Circuit Design

There’s no need to create any new components or footprints - simply work with your standard SMT components, wired together in the usual way in your schematic documents.

Enjoy the freedom to blend form with function

Enjoy the Freedom to Blend form with Function

Altium Designer’s 3D layout tool enables you to create designs that not only meet required electrical specifications, but are also works of art.

3D Circuit Design

Key Capabilities

Allow Your Logic to Drive Your Layouts

Allow Your Logic to Drive
Your Layouts

Synchronise net and connectivity information from your schematic documents using the usual ECO process to ensure that your layout matches your design intent.

Work with Familiar Design Rules

Work with Familiar
Design Rules

Lay out your design in accordance with the width and clearance restrictions defined in your design rules.

Use Alignment Tools to Guide Your Layout

Use Alignment Tools
to Guide Your Layout

Guide your component placement, regions and traces with Altium Designer's alignment grids or MCAD-defined imported sketches.

Export Your Production-Ready Data with a Single Command

Export Your Production-Ready
Data with a Single Command

Once your design is finished, it can be exported in a file format and data structure verifiedThe data format exported from Altium Designer's 3D Layout tool has been tested and verified by LPKF as compatible with their laser direct structuring production process. as compatible with the laser direct structuring process.


Get Started With the New 3D Layout Feature

Design in a New Dimension

  • Integrate three-dimensional circuitry into your projects
  • Synchronize 3D designs with schematics and footprints
  • Blend form and function to create works of art
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