View Tab

The following common regions/commands can be accessed from the View tab. The image below displays the regions/commands from the schematic editor.

  • The Start command opens a standalone web page that is opened as a tab in the software. The page provides a central location to access user-focused content, including new features, webinars, videos, blogs, and tutorials.
  • The Projects button opens the Projects panel, which displays all projects that are currently open along with their constituent documents.
  • Use the Libraries button to open the Libraries panel, which enables you to browse and place components from the libraries currently available in CircuitMaker.
  • The Messages button opens the Messages panel, which is a centralized area for the warnings, errors and status messages that are generated by operations, such as validating a project, running a design rule check for the active PCB document, or using any other message-enabled features of the software. 
  • The commands in the Desktop Layout drop-down allow you to manage the layout of the desktop for your CircuitMaker working environment. 
  • Use the Comments button to open the Comments panel, which allows you to add comments to a defined area or point in the active document of a project. 
  • Click the Help button to take you to the top-level page of the CircuitMaker documentation.
  • Shortcuts opens the Shortcuts panel, which presents a list of available keyboard shortcuts for the currently open document and process. 
  • The Zoom region includes commands that allow you to view your project in various ways, such as zooming in to see more detail of a particular region of the current document or viewing the entire current document in its entirety.
  • The Library command is available from library editors only and opens the respective library panel.

  • Inspector opens the Inspector panel, which provides universal editing access to the properties of documents and objects in design editors. 
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