Project Tab

The following common regions/commands can be accessed from the Project tab. The image below displays the regions/commands from the schematic editor.

  • Use the Validation commands to validate a project, update PCB and schematic documents and show differences. 
  • The Server Actions region is used to share your design projects with others, clone projects, and open projects in a web browser interface.
  • The commands in the Design Documents region allow you to create a new schematic and PCB document, as well as add an already-existing document to the active project.
  • The Save Project and Save Project to Server buttons are used to save your project locally or save it to the server. Update Project is used when changes have been made by multiple contributors.
  • Use the Generate Outputs command to open the Generate output files dialog, which provides controls to configure and generate manufacturing outputs from the current board design in a batch-style release process. 
  • Use the Current Variant drop-down to select the desired variant. The Variants button opens the Variant Management dialog, which includes options to create and configure variants.
  • Use the Project Options to open the Project Options dialog, which enables you to control the online availability of projects, define the reporting levels, establish connectivity, define which types of differences to find, and add parameters, among other options. 
If you find an issue, select the text/image and pressCtrl + Enterto send us your feedback.