Replace Component (File-based)

This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Updating and Replacing Components from a Library for version 24



The Replace Component dialog provides direct access to all available Workspace-based managed components and file-based library components. The dialog offers full details of the selected component (Parameters, Models, Part Choices, Supplier data, etc.,), component comparison, and for Managed Components, a filter-based parametric search capability for specifying target component parameters.

The dialog uses the basic search engine functionality and view that is applied in the Manufacturer Part Search panel. While the Manufacturer Part Search panel harnesses the Altium Parts Provider service and focuses on the component manufacturer and supplier data searches, the dialog is populated with ready-to-place components from your managed content server and file-based library sources.


The dialog is accessed in the following ways:

  • With a component selected in a managed project, from the General tab of the Properties panel, select the required source from the Source drop-down in the Properties region, then click  in the Design Item ID field. 
  • From the schematic or PCB editor of a managed project, enable Alternate Part in the Edit Component Variation dialog (accessed by clicking in the Component Variation column of Variant Management dialog) then click the Choose button.
  • For the Variant Manager, select Alternate Part from a component's drop-down in the Variant Manager grid area.
  • From an ActiveBOM document (*.BomDoc), right-click on a component then choose Operations » Add Alternative Item.
When the dialog is accessed from the ActiveBOM, the title of the dialog (in the banner) will be Add Alternative Item.


  • Search - use the search text box to manually search for a specific component.
  •  - click to expand or collapse the Categories pane - to show certain types of components, or to display all available components. Use the search bar underneath the Categories pane to manually search for a specific component or a *.IntLib file.
  •  - click to access a menu and select from:
  •  - click to open/close the Details region of the dialog (described below).
Filters may only be used for Managed Components, so the filter option ( ) will not be available.


  • Design Item ID - the name of the component.
  • Description - the description of each component.
  • AEM Code - provides the AEM code of a given component, if available
  • Manufacturer Part Search - click to open the Manufacturer Part Search panel to search for and choose the most suitable component part.
  • Results - lists the total number of components found/listed in the search.


Click  to display the Details region for the selected component.
  • Component Revision ID - lists the Revision ID and price of a given component. Click the Revision ID to open the Explorer panel for further information regarding a component.
  • References - click to open reference information in a web browser for the component. Use the drop-down to access the Manufacturer URL or Datasheet.
  • Place - click to place the selected component on a schematic document.
  • Component information - lists relevant information about the component, including manufacturer, release date, and descriptive information. Click the Show More link to view all information; click Show Less to collapse the information.
  • Models - expand to view the provided models. Use the available links to display various parts of a single model.
  • References - expand to access the Manufacturer URL, Datasheet, and Package Specification.
  • Part Choices - expand to view the part choices. A name, price, and description is provided. The Datasheet of the component also will be listed.
  • Where Used - expand to view the projects that utilize the component.

Right-Click Menu

  • Find Similar Components - click to open the Find Similar Components dialog, where you may search for several other components with similar characteristics.
  • Place <component> - click to place the component in the appropriate document.
  • Edit - click to open the selected component's Component Library Documents.
  • Navigate to <revision> - click to open the selected component within the Explorer panel.
  • Operations - hover to access the ability to Submit Request, Create, Download, Clone, Change Component Type, Create / Edit PCL, and Full Item History.
  • Refresh - click to refresh to view recent updates or edits. You may also refresh by using the F5 shortcut.
  • Library Report - click to access the Library Report Settings dialog, in which you can use the provided controls to configure a library report. 
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