Release Manager

This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Uploading 3D Models to a Connected Workspace for version 24

The Release Manager dialog
The Release Manager dialog


The Release Manager dialog provides a centralized release 'console' with which to release items that are stored within one or more component libraries – facilitating a batch-style release of libraries to a Workspace.


The dialog is accessed by drag and drop operation for more than one 3D Model file from Windows Explorer to the Explorer panel.


Grid Region

The grid presents all information relating to the link between an item and its vault-based Item, as well as the actions that will be taken if the source entity is included in the release process. The following information is displayed:

  • Component - the component to be released.
  • Target - provides information regarding the link to the Item that is either already established (if released already) or will be established (if awaiting initial release). It consists of the target Vault, the Folder within that vault, the Item ID, Name and Description of the Item itself.
  • Current Revision - if the item has been released previously, this region provides information about the latest released revision. It includes the revision ID and lifecycle State.
  • Next Revision - provides information about the next revision of the item that will be created to receive data from a subsequent release of the item. It includes the revision ID and lifecycle State of that revision which, for a new release, will always be in the Planned state.
  • Action - shows the Action that will be taken by the Release Manager for this particular item as part of the release process. For an entity that has not yet been released, this entry will display To New Revision. The associated Status field is used to indicate the next step to be taken in the process (e.g., Requires Release Preparation) and once the release process is complete reflects the result.
  • Enable - this checkbox controls whether the item is included as part of the release process (checked) or excluded from the process (unchecked).
  • xx Component(s) Selected - displays the number of items selected in the dialog.
  • xx Items require release preparation - displays the number of items that require release preparation prior to release.
  • Prepare Items and Document - click to prepare the documents and corresponding items for entities being released.
  • Release Items - after the items are prepared for release, the Release Items button becomes available, inviting you to proceed with the release. If you realize there are items that you would rather not release, uncheck the associated Enable checkbox at this time.
After preparing the documents, if you attempt to close the Release Manager before releasing, a warning dialog will appear. You are warned that the links to new target item revisions – written to the source library document as part of the preparation phase – will become invalid. It is strongly recommended that you proceed with the release at this stage.


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