New Reuse Block or Snippet

This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Reuse Blocks & Snippets for version 24

The three variations of the New Reuse Block or Snippet dialog  
The three variations of the New Reuse Block or Snippet dialog


The New Reuse Block or Snippet dialog is used to create a new reuse block, schematic snippet, or PCB snippet in the connected Workspace.

For more information about creating and editing reuse blocks and snippets in a Workspace, see the following pages:


  • The New Reuse Block variation of the dialog is accessed by clicking the / button on the Quick Access Bar, clicking the Save to Server control to the right of the reuse block's entry within the Projects panel, or by selecting the File » Save to Server command from the main menus when editing a new reuse block created using the Item-less reuse block creation approach.
  • The New Schematic Snippet or New PCB Snippet variation of the dialog is accessed from the tile of an existing local schematic or PCB snippet in the Design Reuse panel by clicking the  button at the bottom right of the snippet's tile (or by right-clicking anywhere on the tile) and selecting the Save to Server command from the menu.


  • Name – enter the name of the new reuse block or snippet.
  • Description – use this field to enter a meaningful description of what is represented by this reuse block or snippet.
  • Folder – the Workspace folder in which this reuse block or snippet will be stored. Click  to open the Choose Folder dialog to select or create a different folder.
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