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This document is no longer available beyond version 22. Information can now be found here: Opening a Project using the Open Project Dialog for version 24


The Open Project dialog


The Open Project dialog provides a single location to open, search for and browse projects.


The dialog is accessed from any editor by choosing File » Open Project from the main menus.


  • Search – use to filter the project list by entering alpha/numeric characters. When opening Workspace projects, the Search filter will also respond to Parameters/Value pairs available from Workspace projects. These include Project and Workspace parameters, and the Analytics parameters generated by the Workspace.

    Click the  icon at the right of the Search bar to remove the currently defined search string.

    When viewing the list of Workspace projects (in the folder structure view) or the list of local projects, the path to the currently selected folder will be shown in the Search bar. Click on a folder name to show the content of this folder in the dialog. Click the  button at the right of the bar or use the Alt + Up Arrow shortcut to show the content of the folder one level higher. 

  • Locations – this section allows you to choose the location of the project you want to open. The rightmost pane will display projects within the chosen location.

  • Browse – click to browse to and open a project through the standard Windows Open dialog.
  • Open – click to open the selected project.

    Note that when a Workspace project is selected, the Open button has two states:

    • Click the button or select Open to default checkout path from the button drop-down to open the project to the default checkout path that is defined as a property of the design repository in which the project resides. For a Workspace's native repository, this is the Local Path field found in the Git Repository dialog. Access the properties dialog by selecting the entry for the repository – on the Data Management – Design Repositories page of the Preferences dialog – and clicking the Properties button.
    • Select Open to custom path from the button drop-down to open the standard Windows Select Folder dialog will open from where you can browse to and select a folder on your hard drive where the project will open to.
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