Video Transcript
Having insight into how your schematics are
drawn can save you a lot of time and
frustration when it comes time to completing
your board layout.

Understanding the way your board is
connected can really come in handy, as
sometimes it's best to layout your board similar
to that of your schematic.

With auto-cross probing in Altium Designer,
you’re able to select components, or groups of
components in your schematic, and then have
them automatically be brought to your cursor
one at a time so you can quickly set them in

Auto-cross probing will shed light on how your
project is connected by easily transitioning
between PCB and schematic.

You can probe to not only components, but to
nets and pins as well. With auto-cross probing
in Altium Designer you’re able to create easier.

Auto Cross-Probing

Quickly navigate between multiple project files by cross referencing design objects between your schematic and PCB.