Video Transcript
Your component selection can either
make or break your designs.

To mitigate the risks of poor part
selection, procurement departments
work hard to establish approved
manufacturer and vendor lists.

You can search for all your parts
outside of your design tool, but the
disconnected process is prone to
synchronization errors with database

With the New Part Choice Catalog,
leverage dynamic manufacturer lists
from Altium verified suppliers to ensure
your design is fit with the right

You can quickly access parts from all of
your trusted suppliers within your
design tool.

Utilize rich supply chain data for
thousands of parts, or add new
enterprise connections to your Vault.

Quickly and easily find the perfect
component for your designs directly in
your design environment. And rest
assured you have the most up-to-date
supplier information.

New Part Choice Catalog

Find the right parts for your next design project with the New Part Choice Catalog. Access thousands of ready-to-use components from Altium verified suppliers or add new enterprise supplier connections from your Vault web UI.