Create Manual Solution

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Creating a Manual Solution for version 24

The Create Manual Solution dialog
The Create Manual Solution dialog


The Create Manual Solution dialog is used when a manual solution is required in the BomDoc for items such as glue or mechanical items (like screws and nuts).

To learn more, visit the BOM Management with ActiveBOM page.


In an ActiveBom document (*.BomDoc):

  • Right-click on an Item in the grid then choose Add Solution » Create Manual Solution.
  • Click the  button below the grid then choose Create Manual Solution from the menu.


The controls in the dialog are used to define both the manufacturer and the supplier details for the solution. The details entered into the dialog will appear in the BomDoc in the Manufacturer 1 and Supplier 1 list of parameters.

  • Manufacturer Name - enter the name of the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer PartNo - enter the manufacturer's part number.
  • Supplier Name - enter the name of the supplier of this part.
  • Supplier PartNo - enter the supplier's part number.
  • Description - enter a suitable description for this part.
  • Price Break - the grid lists the Quantity and Price of any current price breaks.
    • Currency - use the drop-down to select the country (and therefore, the required currency) from the drop-down list. The currency abbreviation is also displayed in the Price region of the dialog.  
    • Add New Price Break - click to define a new price break. Edit the values in the Quantity and Price columns as required. Multiple price breaks can be defined if required.
    •  - click to delete the selected price break.
    • Available Quantity - use the drop-down to select the quantity.


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