DXF Import Settings (Draftsman)

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: DXF Import Settings for version 24

The DXF Import Settings dialog
The DXF Import Settings dialog


The DXF Import Settings dialog provides controls to configure import options for standard DXF files and then load them into the Draftsman drawing space.

Note that DWG (*.dwg) files also can be imported. See the Access section for information regarding importing DWG files. 
Note that the DXF source graphic is interpreted using Draftsman’s standard graphical shape objects – lines, circles, rectangles, text – and each primitive object is therefore editable graphically and in the Draftsman Properties panel.


In a Draftsman document, click File » Import from DXF from the main menus then use the file browser to select a *.DXF file in the resulting dialog then click Open.

To import DWG files, in the Open dialog, enter the name of or browse to and select the *.dwg file you want to import then click Open to access the DXF Import Settings dialog.


  • Units – select Millimeters or Mils units to best match the source file.
  • Default Line Width – select a default line weight for all objects within the imported graphic file, where 0.2mm corresponds to Draftsman's 'normal' line weight setting.
  • Default Font Family – select a default font to be used to represent any text in the source file.
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