This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Accessing Your Workspace for version 24

The Connection dialog is used to connect and sign in to a workspace.The Connection dialog is used to connect and sign in to a workspace.


The Connection dialog provides controls to connect to and sign in to a target workspace or server. A target workspace can be used to store everything related to designing in the software including: design source data, such as components, schematics, and PCB files; design release data, such as Gerber and ODB++ data; and installations and updates of the software itself. You can only sign in to a target workspace or server that has already been installed or activated and has appropriate user credentials defined.

For more information about accessing a target workspace, click here.


This dialog is accessed by attempting to run the following workspace-related actions when not connected to a workspace:

  • Clicking File » New » Component from the main menus of any editor.
  • Right-clicking on a project in the Projects panel and selecting Version Control » Commit Whole Project.
  • Releasing a project from the Project releaser (Project » Project Releaser).


  • When not signed in to a workspace: the Connection dialog displays text to connect to one of your workspaces. Click the relevant tile for the desired workspace , self-managed server , or customized server . You will be prompted to sign into the chosen server, if required.
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