Check Out

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Opening a Version-controlled Project from an SVN Design Repository for version 24

The Check Out dialog


The Check Out dialog allows you to extract a working copy of a design from a version control design repository to a local folder, which is then automatically opened in Altium Designer.


The dialog is accessed by clicking File » Check Out from the main menus.

The Check Out dialog is available when Altium NEXUS is connected to a SVN repository that uses the file access method.
► See example image.


  • Check out from – use the drop down menu to select a source design repository, or click  to open the Data Management - Design Repositories page of the Preferences dialog to add and manage design repositories.
  • Folders – display or collapse the folder structure of the selected design repository.
  • Check out to – choose the local target folder (working folder) where project documents will be check out to.

The features available depend on your level of Altium Designer Software Subscription.