Create Differential Pairs From Nets

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Creating Differential Pairs from Design Nets for version 24

The Create Differential Pairs From Nets dialog


The Create Differential Pairs From Nets dialog provides controls to create differential pair objects using net names conforming to a naming convention with a common prefix, followed by a consistent positive/negative suffix, for example, TX0_P and TX0_N.


The dialog is accessed from the PCB panel by clicking the Create From Nets button (lower left area of the panel) when in Differential Pairs Editor mode.


The filters at the top of the dialog can be used to show net pairs based on existing net names.

  • Use nets from class - click to choose the source net class from which differential pairs will be created. The default is All Nets.
  • differing by - specify a suffix for positive and negative nets. The default values are _H and _L.
  • to create differential pair with prefix - specify the prefix for positive and negative nets. The default value is D_.
  • Create differential pairs in class - choose the target class in which the differential pairs will be located.
  • Differential Pairs List - lists all differential pairs created from nets.
  • Execute - click to create differential pairs.
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