Comment Export Configuration

This document is no longer available beyond version 21. Information can now be found here: Comment Export Configuration for version 24


The Comment Export Configuration dialogThe Comment Export Configuration dialog


The Comment Export Configuration dialog allows you to set the period of time for the comment export and includes screenshots if desired when exporting a comment from a specific document.


The dialog is accessed by right-clicking on Export Comments under Report Outputs in an Outjob then selecting Configure from the context menu.



  • For all time - select this option to export comments indefinitely.
  • Specific releases - select this option to export comments for specific releases specified in the From / To drop-downs.

Include Screenshots

  • Entire design snapshots - check this box to export the design snapshot to include comments, as seen in your design space. This option exports the comments and design snapshot to be located on separate documents.
  • Original design screenshots - check this box to export the design without comments in the design space. This option exports the comments and the design screenshots side-by-side, on the same page, but does not indicate where exactly in the design the comment is located.

Additional Control

  • Export - use to export the comment and open it in the associated file type application.  
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