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Part Choices

Created: 28.07.2015 | Updated: 19.06.2017

The Part Choices dialog.
The Part Choices dialog.


The Part Choices dialog allows the designer to search, add, or remove company-ratified design components for a specified component item.


From the Vaults panel, select the Supply Chain view next to New From Design. In the Solutions section of the panel, click the button and select Create Part Choice List (if the component item has never had any part choices made for it) or Edit Part Choice List (if the component item already has an associated part choice list item).


Part Search

Simply browse the supported (and enabled) Supplier's web databases for the required part(s). Layout and behavior is similar to the Supplier Search panel.

  • Key Words - Type keywords to be searched for in the field at the top. Users can apply any filtering using the options accessible by clicking the button. The Search Filers options include:
    • Show Results Per Supplier - Specify how many results to be shown for each supplier. The default value is 10.
    • In Stock - Enable this option to search for parts that are in stock only.
    • Lead Free - Enable this option to search for lead free parts.
    • RoHS Compliant - Enable this option to search for RoHS Compliant parts.
  • Search - Click the Search button (or press Enter) to proceed with the search. Search results based on the entered keywords, and any applied filters, will be displayed.

Click the  button to access the Data Management – Suppliers page of the Preferences dialog. From here, Suppliers can be enabled/disabled and related Supplier-specific options can be set and modified as required.

  • Search Result List - The result information can be sorted by any column as required. Browse through multiple pages of results using the arrow buttons located below the displayed results, to the left.
  • Units of Currency - Click to choose a currency from drop-down list.
  • Order Quantity - Use the Order Quantity field to see the effect on pricing based on number of parts potentially ordered. Selecting an entry in the list of results will display detailed information for that part in the region below, including parametric data, any documentation (e.g. datasheets), pricing and stock information. Documentation can be opened and perused for more detailed information regarding a part.

Manufacturer Part Choices

Once a part is found that meets the engineering criteria for the design component, simply click the button to the immediate right of the search results. The selected part will be added to the Manufacturer Part Choices region of the dialog – this is the Part Choice List that will be stored in the next revision of the Part Choice List Item, upon clicking OK.

  • Part List - List all parts added as Manufacturer Part Choices.
  • Remove - Click to removed a selected part choice.
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