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Created: 19.09.2015 | Updated: 19.08.2021

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Returns all child objects of objects whose Object Kind property complies with the Query.


Object_ObjectKind(Parent) = ObjectKind_String
Object_ObjectKind(Parent) <> ObjectKind_String

ObjectKind_String specifies the object kind and must be one of the following strings:

  • 'Harness Connector'
  • 'Parameter Set'
  • 'Part'
  • 'Pin'
  • 'Port'
  • 'Probe'
  • 'Sheet Symbol'
  • ''
To return any objects, the type of object specified needs to be one that can have child objects; if a "null" string is specified, all objects which do not have a parent object are returned.

Example Usage

Object_ObjectKind(Parent) = 'Sheet Symbol'
Returns all child objects of sheet symbol objects.

Object_ObjectKind(Parent) <> 'Parameter Set'
Returns all objects except for child objects of parameter set objects.

Object_ObjectKind(Parent) = 'Part'
Returns all child objects of part objects.

Object_ObjectKind(Parent) = ''
Returns all objects which do not have a parent object.


  1. The single quote characters (') at the start and end of ObjectKind_String are mandatory.


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