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Getting components has always been challenging, so Altium Designer’s Manufacturer Part Search integration with premade footprints has been especially helpful.

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Getting components has always been challenging, so Altium Designer’s Manufacturer Part Search integration with premade footprints has been especially helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What files are needed for a successful migration?

Altium Designer works directly from the PCB design data in your old CAD tool’s native file format. To migrate your old projects into Altium Designer’s file format, typically only a few files are needed:

  • Schematic sheet files
  • PCB layout file
  • Any parts libraries

Depending on the particular CAD format, additional files might be needed, or these may need to be saved in a special format (e.g., ASCII format).

Does Altium Designer use my native design data for migration?

Yes. Simply save your existing PCB design project files in your old CAD program’s file format. The Import Wizard in Altium Designer operates directly from your old PCB project files and creates copies of the data in Altium Designer’s file format. Note that Altium Designer does not provide migration from Gerbers, ODB++, or IPC-2581 files; only native design data can be used for migration.

How long does the migration process take?

As long as all the required files are available and they do not contain errors, the migration process typically takes minutes.

Is cleanup required after the migration process completes?

Whenever you convert between proprietary CAD file formats, there is typically some cleanup required in the translated schematics and PCB layout. The required amount of cleanup depends on the features contained in your old design files. After converting a design into a new CAD format, make sure to give the schematics and PCB layout a thorough review to ensure all features have translated correctly.

Can existing parts libraries be reused in Altium Designer projects?

Yes, in most cases your parts libraries will be converted into Altium Designer’s library format. Once a project is migrated, parts libraries may be created as part of the migration process, or they can be exported from the migrated project. These migrated parts can then be reused in your migrated PCB project, as well as in new Altium Designer projects.