System Preferences


CircuitMaker provides a central location from where you can set up various preferences across different functional areas. These are global system settings that apply across projects and relevant documents. The preferences can be accessed by clicking File » System Preferences then selecting the area for which you want to set preferences. Each area includes individual preferences pages as shown in the image below for PCB Editor.

Use the controls and options available on each page to configure your preferences for that area of the software as required. This could be a mixture of satisfying company policy and your preferred working environment. 

System Preferences provide a number of useful tools to ensure your set of preferences is just as you require, including:

  • Ability to save preferences to and load preferences from a Preferences file (*.DXPPrf).
  • Ability to set the options and controls on the active preferences page or all pages back to their defaults.

On each page, the following options are available when making changes:

  • Apply - once a change has been made, use this button to save all changes.
  • Set To Defaults - use to revert changes on the current preferences page back to the system defaults.
  • Export - use this button to save preferences as *.DXPPrf files.
  • Import - use this button to load saved preferences.

System Preferences

Data Management Preferences

Schematic Preferences

PCB Editor Preferences

Importers Preferences

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