The New command is used to add or create a new document to the active project. All project-related data is stored in documents, which are also referred to as files. When you use the New command to create a new document, it becomes the active document in the main design space. Each document has its own tab at the top of the design window.

The New command is accessed from the File menu as shown below.

Schematic & PCB

Schematic and PCB documents (also known as files) contain the electronic circuits, symbols, components, parameters, etc., needed to create your design. The placement and properties of these objects need to change as you work to balance out the various design requirements. 

To create a new schematic (*.SchDoc) or PCB (*.CMPcbDoc) and add it to your project, choose File » New » Schematic or PCB. The Add New Document dialog will open. Use the Enter new name field to enter the required name for a new document.

When entering the name, you do not need to include the extension.

After clicking OK, the document will be added to your project and will display in the Projects panel as shown in the image below.

You can rename documents by right-clicking on their name in the Projects panel then choosing Rename from the context menu. Use the Enter new name field of the Rename dialog that opens to define a new document name.

An asterisk (*) now appears to the right of the project name, which signifies there has been a change to the project. Saving the project removes the asterisk.

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