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Open Managed Project

Created: 04.10.2016 | Updated: 19.06.2017

The Open Managed Project dialog


The Open Managed Project dialog is used to access Managed Projects stored in a repository connected to your Altium Vault. A managed project is one that is stored in a version control repository that is connected to an Altium Vault. The advantage of storing your design as a managed project is that you have the benefits of managing the design files under version control without needing to engage in the version control process. You can easily access, open, edit, and save project documents in a transparent way - with modified files being checked in whenever you run the Save Managed Project command.

For information about version control and repositories, see Version Control and Design Repositories.


This dialog can be accessed by clicking File » Open Managed Project. The command is only available if the installation of Altium Designer is currently signed in to an Altium Vault (DXP » Sign In Altium Vault).


The grid region is a list of all your current managed projects. You can move the columns to a different position in the grid by clicking and dragging the header to the new desired position. Each column can be filtered by clicking the  to the right of the header name. The region displays the following information:

  • Preview
  • Caption - the name of the managed project without the file extension.
  • Author - the author of the managed project.
  • Repository Path - shows the path to the selected managed project. 
  • Last Modified - the date the managed project was last updated.
  • Local Path - displays the current location of the working copy.
  • Local Copy - shows if there is a local (working) copy (Yes) or not (No).

Additional Controls

  • Open - use the drop-down to select where you want the managed project opened:
    • Open to default checkout path - select to open the managed project in the default path shown in the grid.
    • Open to custom path - select to open the managed project using another path you can choose from the Select Folder dialog.
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