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Created: 12.06.2017 | Updated: 10.07.2018
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Parent page: PCB Commands

The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters:  Index=n (where n is in the range 0 to 20)


This command is used to open the indicated document/page URL - specified through a defined underlying URL link parameter - for the selected component or the component under the cursor. This feature allows named document links that have been transferred from schematic components to be presented as named PCB component links to PDFs, text files, or HTML pages.


With a Component Link parameter for the component already defined, the command can be accessed from the PCB Editor by right-clicking over the placed component in the workspace and choosing the applicable command (the link parameter name) from the References sub-menu.


This feature is available when named document links have been added to the component, which occurs when the named document links for the component have been updated from the Schematic to the PCB (Design » Update PCB Document).

During that update process (via an ECO), the schematic named document links are converted to ComponentLink parameter pairs (ComponentLinknDescription/ComponentLinknURL) for the matching PCB component. For example:

Schematic Component Parameter   PCB Component Parameters
Name Url


Name Value
STM32 Family Web Page ComponentLink1Description STM32 Family Web Page

The link index number (n) used in the component parameters will define the ordered position of the matching PCB Component Link in the References submenu. With a component on the PCB selected, the defined ComponentLink parameter pairs are presented in the Parameters section of the Properties panel.

After launching the command, the web-based URL target page or indicated document will open directly (if available).


  1. A web-based URL will be open either in an external browser, or as a tabbed document within Altium Designer, as determined by the Open internet links in external Web browser option, on the System - View page of the Preferences dialog. Bear in mind that to open in an external browser, the value (URL) of the link parameter must include the http:// prefix.
  2. For more information about establishing document link parameters in the Schematic space, see the Sch Parameter Object page.
  3. Many components sourced from the Altium Vault will include Datasheet URL links, which are automatically expressed as single URL document links in the Schematic domain, and subsequently made available to the matching PCB component as ComponentLinknDescription/ComponentLinknURL parameter pairs.
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