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Created: 11.07.2018 | Updated: 11.07.2018
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Parent page: PCB Commands

The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: None


This command is used to place a copy of a footprint from the current PCB Library document onto the clipboard.


This command is accessed from the PCB Library Editor by choosing the Edit » Copy Component command from the main menus.


First, ensure that the footprint you want to copy to the clipboard is selected in the Footprints list of the PCB Library panel (and is therefore the active footprint in the main design window).

After launching the command, the footprint will be copied to the clipboard.


  1. Once copied, the footprint can be pasted into any PCB Library document using the Paste Component command, also available from the main Edit menu.
  2. One or more library footprints can also be copied to/pasted from the clipboard directly in the PCB Library panel. To copy, simply select the required footprint(s) in the Footprints list, right-click then choose the Copy command from the context menu. To paste, right-click then choose the Paste command from the context menu.
  3. The clipboard can store a number of objects that can be added (pasted) to various document types within Altium Designer. The clipboard supports a variety of data formats, depending on the origin and object type, and can be set to store either only objects copied or cut from within the Altium Designer environment or the entire Windows clipboard - using the Monitor clipboard content within this application only option on the System - General page of the Preferences dialog. Be aware that not all data types are supported by each design editor and that objects that are not supported will not be pasted.


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