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Created: 14.12.2020 | Updated: 09.11.2021
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Parent page: PCB Commands

The following pre-packaged resources, derived from this base command, are available:

Applied Parameters: Source=PlaceMenu


This command is used to add a new comment thread to a point, object, or area on a PCB document. Comments are a feature associated with Workspace projects and allow all users working on a document to comment and review the design (or part thereof) in real-time without actual modification of the document itself.

The commenting feature facilitates strong review and collaboration processes. Due to the Workspace nature of comments (they are stored on the Workspace and do not touch the design document in any way) they become invaluable when:

  • You want to point out some issues in the document without physically merging and getting conflicts.
  • You want to add a comment that will become visible to everybody instantly prior to committing your working copy.
  • You want to have a list of notes for your current design that is attached to areas of the document and could be closed as the design matures (similar to a to-do list).


Before you can start using the comment feature, ensure that you have opened a Workspace project and are working on one of its source schematic documents. This is done using the File » Open Project command and selecting the Workspace location in the subsequent Open Project dialog. Only those projects currently shared with you will be available for selection.

This command can be accessed from the PCB editor by:

  • Choosing the Place » Comment command from the main menus.
  • Using the Ctrl+Alt+C keyboard shortcut.
  • Right-clicking in the design space then choosing the Comment command from the context menu.


Comments may be assigned to an object, a specific point, or an area on the active document. The command invokes the comment placement mode, where the cursor changes to a crosshair that detects and highlights objects for selection:

  • Click a highlighted object to attach (pin) a comment to that object.
  • Click in an un-highlighted area to attach a comment to that specific point on the document.
  • Click away from an object and drag the cursor to create a rectangular highlighted area, and then click again to confirm its final shape to attach a comment to the specified area.

The placement action then opens a comment entry dialog that offers a field for entering the comment text, and also additional options for adding a freehand drawing to the comment () and including a 'mention' reference to a specific user or group (). Click to confirm the comment creation, which will associate the comment with a numbered pin marker on the document and also add a comment summary entry to the Comments panel.

See the Project Commenting section of the Management of Projects page to learn more about the commenting functionality.


  • When a comment is added, it is seen instantly by all other users that have that same project and document open in their respective design spaces, and also will be available in the browser-based project view of the connected Workspace.
  • A comment's location in the editor space is moved by dragging its associated 'pin' to a new position – during or after its placement. When selected, the comment pin includes a connecting line to its associated object or area.
  • While you can move (drag) a comment pin around in the document editor, the initial defined point or area cannot be modified.


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