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Created: 27.07.2015 | Updated: 13.07.2018
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Parent page: PCB Commands

The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: None


This command is used to delete one or more existing split lines from the active board. Split lines enable you to split the single default board region for a board into multiple regions and subsequently assign a unique layer stack to each of those regions. This ability to assign different layer stacks to different regions of a board facilitates rigid-flex design.

Rigid-flex is the name given to a printed circuit that is a combination of both flexible circuit(s) and rigid circuit(s). This combination is ideal for exploiting the benefits of both flexible and rigid circuits - the rigid circuits can carry all or the bulk of the components with the flexible sections acting as interconnections between the rigid sections.


This command is accessed from the PCB Editor in Board Planning Mode by choosing the Design » Delete Split Line command from the main menus.


First ensure that the PCB Editor is placed in Board Planning Mode. This can be done by choosing the View » Board Planning Mode command from the main menus, or by using the 1 keyboard shortcut.

After launching the command, the cursor will change to a cross-hair and you will enter split line deletion mode. To delete a split line, position the cursor over one of its ends (its editing handles) then click or press Enter. Continue removing further split lines in this way or right-click or press Esc to exit split line deletion mode.


  1. A split line can also be removed by clicking and holding one of its end points then pressing the Delete key. Alternatively, click, hold and move an endpoint to a point around the board shape that results in the split turning red (signifying an invalid split), then release.
  2. Removal can be undone using the Undo command.


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