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Created: 26.09.2017 | Updated: 17.07.2018
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The following pre-packaged resource, derived from this base command, is available:

Applied Parameters: None


This command is used to quickly access the Selection Filter. All editing actions require the target objects to be selected first, therefore, selecting is core to becoming proficient at editing in Altium Designer. The Selection Filter greatly simplifies the selection process, allowing you to quickly create a filter that only allows the object-kinds of interest to be available for selection. All object-kinds that are not enabled remain visible, but cannot be moved or edited.


This command can be accessed from the PCB Editor and PCB Library Editor by locating and using the Selection Filter command () on the Active Bar.


After launching the command, the Selection Filter will be presented in a pop-up pane. Use the buttons to control which object types can be selected within the design workspace - defining the selection filter that you require.

A Blue button indicates that that object-kind can be selected. 

The All Objects button is a global toggle, use it to toggle all object-types off, or all on. With this button you can turn all object-types off, then selectively enable only the one(s) you need.


  1. The Selection Filter is used to define which objects can be selected; it does not select those objects. Once a filter has been applied all of the standard selection techniques can be used.
  2. The Selection Filter can also be accessed through the Properties panel. Keep in mind that this is only accessible when no objects are currently selected in the workspace. If you have objects selected, accessing the filter from the Active Bar enables you to keep that selection while tweaking the filter.
  3. The defined filtering in the pop-up pane will be reflected in the Properties panel. Conversely, changes made to the filter in the Properties panel will be instantly reflected back in the pop-up pane.


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