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The Edit Alternative Group dialogThe Edit Alternative Group dialog


The Edit Alternative Group dialog is used to split a BomDoc component into groups. It also can be used to edit a previously added (split) group.

If a BOM has multiple instances of a component, and for some reason you need to treat that one component as multiple components, it can be split into two or more groups. An example of when this may be necessary is if none of the potential suppliers has sufficient stock for the production run, requiring the part to be sourced from multiple suppliers. 

Visit the ActiveBOM page to learn more.


The dialog is accessed by right-clicking on a component in the BOM Items region of a BomDoc then select Split Item (Add Alternatives Group).

The dialog is only accessible during Base View mode . The option is availble in the top left of the dialog page.


  • Alternatives Group - enter the desired name for the group.
  • Components 
    • Include - enable the checkbox for each component you want to include in the group.
    • Designator - the name of the designator.
    • Current Group - if the component is currently part of a group, the name of the group is listed here. If the component does not currently belong to a group, this will be blank.
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