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This documentation page references Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (part of the deployed NEXUS solution), which has been discontinued. All your PCB design, data management and collaboration needs can now be delivered by Altium Designer and a connected Altium 365 Workspace. Check out the FAQs page for more information.



          The Default ActionsSymbol & Model Search Paths, and SVN Repository tabs of the Database Library Options dialog and
the Database Link Options dialog


The Database Library Options dialog provides controls to set rules for updating parameters during synchronization with the database and to specify the search paths that determine where library and model files can be found when placing from the database library and when searching for a model after placement. Paths can be specified as absolute or relative paths, a library name or simply not specified. In the cases of using a library name and no specification, the search paths are used to find the library or model corresponding to the reference specified in the database.


The Database Library Options dialog is accessed from a *.DBLib or *.SVNDBLib file in the following ways:

  • Click Tools » Options from the main menus.
  • Right-click on a component record entry in the Table Browser tab, then click Options
The Database Link Options variation of the dialog is accessed by clicking Tools » Options from a *.DbLink file.


Default Actions Tab

  • Default Actions
    • Update Values - use the drop-down to select whether or not the parameters on a component will be updated during synchronization. Choices include: Update and Do not update
    • Add To Design - use the drop-down to select whether or not to add the parameters to the design. Choices include: Do not add, Add, and Add only if not blank in database.
The selected Add To Design rule is also applied when placing from a database library.
  • Remove From Design - use the drop-down to select whether or not to remove the parameters from the design. Choices include: Do not remove and Remove only if blank in database.

Symbol & Model Search Paths Tab

This tab is available only when the dialog is accessed from a DBLib file. 
  • Search Subdirectories - check this box to perform the search in subdirectories as well. 
  • Library Search Paths - use the browse button to open a dialog to search for the desired folder. The chosen folder will appear in the textbox to the left. Click Add to add the folder to the Library Search Paths region. 
    • Add - click to add the desired folder to the Library Search Paths region.
    • Update - click to update the Library Search Paths region after making changes (e.g., checking/unchecking the Add/Update As Relative Path option).
    • Remove - click to remove the selected search path.
    • Move Up - click to move the selected search path one position up in the Library Search Paths region.
    • Move Down - click to move the selected search path one position down in the Library Search Paths region.
  • Add/Update As Relative Path - check to use the selected folder's relative path.
Note that when using Search Paths with a large number of symbol/model files, this approach is not recommended when there are a large number of symbol or model files present in the search location. Depending on the file naming scheme used, Search Paths can require that every library/model file present in the path is searched every time a symbol/model is required, for example when browsing components or transferring the design from schematic to PCB.

SVN Repository Tab

This tab is available only when the dialog is accessed from an SVNDBLib file. 
  • Repository Server Connection -  use the following controls to define the settings for connecting to the SVN Repository:
    • Method - use the drop-down to select the method of connection. Choices include: file, http, https, and svn.
    • Server - enter the desired server name in the textbox.
    • Server Port 
      • Default - select to use the default server port.
      • Non Default - select to use a non default server port. Enter the desired port in the textbox. The textbox is enabled only when this option is selected.
    • Repository folder - enter the name of the desired repository folder.
  • Models Location - use the following controls to designate the repository directory for symbols and footprints:
    • Symbols - click  to browse for and select the desired directory for symbols.
    • Footprints - click  to browse for and select the desired directory for footprints.
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