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This documentation page references Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (part of the deployed NEXUS solution), which has been discontinued. All your PCB design, data management and collaboration needs can now be delivered by Altium Designer and a connected Altium 365 Workspace. Check out the FAQs page for more information.

The ECO Decision dialogThe ECO Decision dialog


After choosing and comparing two documents, the Comparator lists any differences found between them. The ECO Decision dialog allows you to decide the direction of update (which of the compared documents to update) on an individual difference basis. It also allows you to specify that no update is required, which translates to no action being taken in either document.

In order to synchronize compared documents, the aim is to determine whether or not to take action for each difference and in which direction the change is made, specifying which document should be updated in order to remedy the difference.


The dialog is accessed from the Differences between dialog by clicking the associated entry for a listed difference in the Update Decision column.


  • Update Schematic - click to specify that the left-hand document be updated in order to resolve the difference.
  • Update PCB - click to specify that the right-hand document be updated in order to resolve the difference.
The dialog shows Schematic and PCB sides for the update directions since the design hierarchy of the project is typically compared against the PCB document.
The dialog provides indication of whether or not update in a particular direction is valid. If valid, the left arrow and right arrow buttons (for update to left or right, respectively) will be enabled. If a change is not supported, the corresponding button for that update direction will be grayed out.
  • No Updates - click to set the Update Decision to No Change (neither document is updated).
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