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This documentation page references Altium NEXUS/NEXUS Client (part of the deployed NEXUS solution), which has been discontinued. All your PCB design, data management and collaboration needs can now be delivered by Altium Designer and a connected Altium 365 Workspace. Check out the FAQs page for more information.

The Edit PCB Library dialogThe Edit PCB Library dialog


The Edit PCB Library dialog is used to define where the software can look for footprint models, in relation to the currently selected component(s) in the Schematic Editor's Footprint Manager. The options range from Any, meaning search all available libraries for this model, to Integrated Library , Database Library, or Server, which indicates that the model can only be used from the specified integrated library, database library, or server. Once changed, the new footprint(s) found will be listed back in the Footprint Manager, ready for use.


With one or more components selected in the Footprint Manager's Component List region, the Edit PCB Library dialog is accessed by right-clicking within the View and Edit Footprints region, then choosing Change PCB Library.


  • Any - searches all available libraries for a matching model.
  • Library name - only searches available libraries of this name for a matching model.
  • Library path - only searches a library of this name, in this location, for a matching model. Either type the path and library name manually, or click the Choose button to open the Windows Open dialog, which you can use to browse to the required library.
  • Use footprint from source integrated library, database library, or server - only searches for the model in the integrated library/database library/server that the component was placed from. The integrated library or database library must be available or, for a server, you must be connected to that server.
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