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Point to Point Router Options

Created: 09.06.2017 | Updated: 19.06.2017

The Point to Point Router Options dialog.


This dialog allows designers to control options for the Auto Wire mode of wire placement. In the Auto Wire placement mode, the path of the route will be the most efficient possible while avoiding existing placed objects on the sheet.


When placing a wire, press Shift+Space to rotate through placement modes. After entering the Auto Wire placement mode, press Tab.

View which placement you are currently in by looking to the grey toolbar at the bottom of the workspace.


  • Time Out After (s) - The time out setting prevents the dialog from spending an indefinite amount of time trying to calculate a path. Enter the desired number of seconds; the default is 3.
  • Avoid cutting wires - The avoid cutting wires option allows designers to avoid running new wire over many existing wires.  At the L end of the scale, the wire placement won't discriminate against existing wires. At the H end of the scale, the wire placement will avoid existing wires. Drag the marker from one end of the scale to the other or to any desired location in-between.


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