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Create SVN Design Repository

Created: 28.07.2015 | Updated: 16.06.2017

The Create SVN Design Repository dialog.
The Create SVN Design Repository dialog.


The Create SVN Design Repository dialog allows designers to create a new design repository.


 From the Data Management –  Design Repositories page of the Preference dialog, click the Create New button (lower left).


Design Repository Properties 

  • Name - Specify a name for the design repository. The default naming scheme for created respositories, when no name is specified, is "Repository (#).
  • Default Checkout Path - Click the   button to specify a default checkout path for the repository. If no default is set, the installation folder for Altium Designer will be used.

Repository Location

  • Method - Choose the method of design repository.
  • Repository Location - Click the button next to the text box to choose a design repository folder. The designated folder must be empty and write protected.
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