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Created: 28.09.2017 | Updated: 21.03.2018
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The Browse Libraries dialog
The Browse Libraries dialog


The Browse Libraries dialog allows you to browse schematic symbols in selected libraries.


The dialog is accessed from the Variant Management dialog (Project » Variants) by right-clicking in the Component Parameters region then selecting Update Values From Library.  


  • Libraries - displays the current library. Use the drop-down arrow to access a list of available libraries then select the desired target library. Click the  button to open the Available Libraries dialog in which you can add or remove libraries.
  • Find - click to open the Libraries Search dialog to locate additional libraries.
  • Mask - enter the desired key words to mask results in the Component Name list. The drop-down lists previously used key words.

Upper Grid 

  • Component Name - displays the name of the component.
  • Library - displays in which library the component is located.  
  • Description - a brief description of the component.
  • Footprint - displays the associated footprint (if any).
  • <nn> components - displays the total number (nn) of components.

Lower Grid

  • Model Name - displays the model name of a component currently selected in the upper grid.
  • Type - displays the model type of a component currently selected in the upper grid.

Preview Windows

  • Upper Window - displays the schematic symbol of the component currently selected in the upper grid.
  • Lower Window - displays the footprint of the component currently selected in the upper grid.
    •  2D/3D - use to toggle between 2D and 3D preview images. 
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