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Created: 27.10.2017 | Updated: 05.03.2018
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The Database Connection dialog  The Database Connection dialog The Database Connection dialog


The Database Connection dialog provides controls to link projects to a database library.


The Database Connection dialog is accessed by clicking Tools » Database Connection in the Database Editor (.SVNDbLib or .DbLib).


Connection Tab

  • Source of Connection
    • Use Data Link File - a connection string is a string version of the connection information to a database and can be saved as a separate file with a .udl extension, referred to as a Microsoft Data Link file. If you want to use a data link file as the source of connection to a database, select this option then click Browse to open the Select Data Link File dialog or use the drop-down to search for the desired .udl file. 
    • Use Connection String - select this option then click Build to open the Data Link Properties dialog to rebuild the connection string to a database for the mapping of components' parameters. The information specified in a connection string may vary depending on the specified OLE DB provider. ​

Advanced Tab

  • SQL Options
    • Quote Tables - enable to use specific quote characters to quote tables.
      • Left Quote Character - specify the left quote character. The default is "[". 
      • Right Quote Character - specify the right quote character. The default is "]". 
The specific quote characters used will depend on the database being used. For example, square brackets ([ ]) are only valid in a Microsoft database, such as MS Access, while MySQL uses the "`" character for quoting.
  • Include Table Schema Names - enable this option to include tables with Table Schema Names. By default, this option is off and tables with normal table names only are used.
Most databases have tables that are identified by the table name. Other databases, such as Oracle, have tables that also have a prefix called table schema name. This option must be enabled to include such tables.
  • Field Data Type - specify the data type for new fields. For example, TEXT(N) or VARCHAR(N) can be used for MS Access or MySQL databases; VARCHAR2(N) can be used for Oracle databases.
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