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Offline Integrated Library Maker Wizard

Created: 01.11.2018 | Updated: 12.04.2019
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The Offline Integrated Library Maker Wizard converts database and SVN database libraries to offline integrated libraries. The process of conversion to an integrated library is carried out on a per database table basis.

You can choose a database library (*.DbLib or *.SVNDbLib) and select which tables to convert. Schematic components, PCB, PCB3D, and simulation models are included in the conversion process. A separate integrated library will be generated for each table in a database. Those tables are translated as individual integrated libraries that are then added to the Installed Libraries.

Using the Offline Integrated Library Maker Wizard

The Offline Integrated Library Maker Wizard is launched by clicking Tools » Offline Integrated Library Maker from a database library file (*.DBLib) or an SVN database library file (*.SVNDBLib).

Wizard Navigation

  • Click Cancel to close the Offline Integrated Library Maker Wizard.
  • Click Back to navigate to the previous screen.
  • Click Next to navigate to the next screen.
  • Click Finish to close the Offline Integrated Library Maker Wizard. This option is available only on the final page of the Wizard.

Selecting the Library to Convert

You can choose the library you want to convert on the Library to Convert page. Use the browse folder button to browse and select the database library (*.DBLib) or SVN database library (*.SVNDBLib) to be processed. Each of the tables in the library can be selected for conversion into an offline integrated library.

Selecting Options 

You can control how the tables are converted on the Options page. Use the browse folder button to select the output directory where you want the newly-created integrated libraries placed.

The tables available for conversion are listed in the Database Tables region. Enable the Convert checkbox of each table you want converted into its own integrated library. Any unchecked tables will not be converted.

Clicking Next on this page will initiate the conversion process. Ensure that the directory and tables selected on this page are correct.

Executing the Conversion Process

As the conversion is processed, a page shows the progress of the conversion with a green progress bar and displays the name of the file currently being converted.

Finishing and Closing the Wizard

After you have successfully completed the Wizard, click Finish to close.

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