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Edit PCB Rule (from Schematic)

Created: 14.07.2017 | Updated: 27.02.2018


  A few variations of the Edit PCB Rule (From Schematic) dialog: Max-Min Width, Routing Layers, Solder-Mask Expansion, and Clearance Rules. 


The Edit PCB Rule (From Schematic) dialog allows you to define the constraints for a PCB rule from a schematic document.


The dialog is accessed by completing the following steps:

  1. In a schematic, click on a placed Parameter Set Directive (or click Place » Directives » Parameter Set then press Tab) to open the Properties panel in Parameter Set mode. 
  2. Double-click the desired rule in the Rules region of the panel (or click the Add button and add a rule in the resulting Choose Design Rule Type dialog). 


The specific controls of this dialog are dependent upon the selected design rule. For detailed information regarding PCB Design Rules and constraints, click here.

Image Region (If Displayed)

  • Click on the available controls in the image (editable measurements are in blue text) to edit the desired areas. If a table also is displayed in the dialog, the table will automatically update after making changes in the image. 
  • Select the desired options and use the associated drop-downs adjacent to the image to set the desired constraints(s). 

Table Region (If Displayed)

  • Click on the data you want to edit then enter the desired data. The image above (if displayed) will automatically update. 

Additional Controls

  • Measurement Units - use the drop-down to select Metric or Imperial units.
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